Bilyana Georgieva


For over 18 years Bilyana’s passion has been to transform corporate companies and take their business to the next level, in all the areas that matter most – profitability, efficiency, productivity, communication, organizational changes, technology, and innovations. She has been honored to help over 230 corporate companies from more than 100 countries change their future and transform their employee’s lives through her programs, training, events, and personal coaching. She has been fortunate to lead transformational programs for DHL, OMV, Unilever, Hiscox, Bank of Montreal, EDF, Eurostar, River Island, WaterAid, and many more, working with more than 20 industries from multibillion corporate companies to engineering, energy, transport, healthcare, retail, charities and more.

Bilyana is an international award-winning speaker on various topics like technology, leadership, and the future of corporate companies. She believes that women have infinite opportunities in leadership and global changes in every aspect of our life.

(Source: Women Economic Forum)