Our Global Initiatives

A colossal & global collaboration between RICKY KEJ (The Multi Grammy Award Winner, The Golden Globe Honors Honoree & The Noble Philanthropist Honoree) and GOLDEN GLOBE HONORS FOUNDATION.

Bangalore hosted the Golden Globe Honors. This special evening was dedicated to honouring The multi Grammy award winner , The music maestro Ricky Kej and to the Planet protection pledge. A pledge of allegiance to protect, preserve & nurture mother earth for future generations was made to begin the evening. Following this, Mr. Kej was conferred with the ‘Golden Globe Honors – Medallion of Solidarity and Certificate of Honor’ for his colossal achievement & contribution to the world of music from the Golden Globe Honors Foundation in addition to the special acknowledgment of the Nobel Philanthropist honor for his motivational and significant philanthropic efforts on co-existence & sustainable fashion. Many experts from their respective fields came together to celebrate a shared goal with The Planet Matters by Golden Globe Honors Foundation, the evening turned out to be Elegant, and Exciting. By highlighting the importance of ReWear4Earth, a massive global awareness campaign for the environment was developed. This moment was termed as ‘ReWear4Earth as Planet Matters’ by Ricky Kej & Golden Globe Honors Foundation. Speaking more on the topic, Dr. Bharath Chandran(hc), Founder & CEO of Golden Globe Honors Foundation, stated that this global movement aims to unite, empower, and acknowledge the voices that call for societal improvement and environmental protection. 




There is a fair possibility that the Earth will continue to spin seamlessly even after humanity disappears from the face of the planet. If we want to hang around, the only home we have needs to be protected, conserved, and nurtured right now.

Golden Globe Honors seeks to motivate and recognize the active involvement of the international community comprising of Global leaders, Artists, Entertainers, Performers, Models, Musicians, and Entrepreneurs, bringing people together across boundaries and generations to fight for the common causes— Our Planet and humanity.


A Planet-first approach

A well-known phrase goes as, “Charity begins at home.” Before digging deeper into broader realms such as conservation and environmental concerns, the saying refers to taking care of our own kind.

However, we need to acknowledge that the Earth is our home and none of our private affairs and situations matter unless it stays the way it is.

The world is in a crisis, and whatever we do, we need to bear this in mind, and we need to act right now to reverse the danger— not tomorrow, not sometime later! Humanity has to realize that one more straw, or just a bit more plastic, counts. Every drop of petrol, like every watt of electricity, contributes.

What Can we do?

Each one of us should do our bit as individuals. Every day, throughout the world, the Mantra to be followed is simple, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” Can we please get it done already?

The real truth?

Humanity probably will never be able to deplete the Earth’s fossil-fuel reserves; instead, the consequences of burning those fossil fuels, i.e., global warming, will first wipe us out. You’ve got to admire the ingeniousness of this defensive mechanism on the part of mother nature.

Whether you like it or not, approve it or not— The planet is fighting back and in full force. The patterns of weather are shifting, endangering our food security, and pushing our limits. It’s apparent we’ve got to shape up or ship out.

May not be out of sight any longer. These skeletons that we hide in humanity’s closet in the form of the landfill and marine dumpsites are about to surface in the form of an apocalyptic deluge.

Several accessible locations, such as suburbs and towns, now have recycling bins set up, and recyclable materials can be easily converted into cash. This money, in turn, can be used to improve the living conditions of the less privileged.

  1. Instead of burning up petrol, start a carpool, uber share, use a bike or walk wherever possible. Make sure your next automobile is environmentally friendly—probably electricity or solar energy powered. When it comes to greener living, there are infinite choices. A quick internet search can reveal hundreds of insights on this.
  2. Save water; our water bodies are disappearing or getting polluted at a fast pace as well. The recent drought conditions in California and Cape Town have demonstrated how our efforts to preserve every drop need to hang tight. As a species, we ought to start looking at life with a 'need' rather than a 'want' mindset. To protect our seas, make wise seafood choices, and try leaving your footprints on the sands only.
  3. Support programs committed to recycling and green initiatives. Every element in nature is devised with a specific place and has a vital position to fill. We can no longer in a position to lose any of it. Discontinue pesticide use entirely. Plant indigenous variety of trees or entire gardens— after all, they are home to more than 80% of the world's biodiversity. These trees also absorb pollutant gases to filter the air we breathe, besides preventing soil erosion and enhancing topsoil quality.
  4. Evade the use of plastic, styrofoam, and polystyrene like the plague. Certain compounds are slowly strangling our planet and its biodiversity. Oceans are now filled with the garbage of our disposable lives, annihilating plants and animal life in tonnes. Carry your own cloth bags and say no to the plastic bag at the store— it's the least you can do for your planet every day.
  1. Farmers also have to play their part; Using their experience and skills, they need to find ways to reduce the adverse effects of farming— switching to organic cultivation methods is one of the best means to do it right.
  2. As far as entrepreneurs are concerned, responsibility is no less critical. You can start by building sustainably, switch to eco-friendly production processes and production methods, properly dispose of waste, and, most significantly, work with compassion and respect towards Mother Earth. In case you have to produce plastic goods, use products that are biodegradable or at least recycled. If you are willing and committed, there are so many sustainable ways to adopt eco-friendly practices without disrupting your production cycles or impeding revenues.
  3. Policymakers also need to step up by adopting and enforcing legislation that puts the environment above everything else. Eco-friendly projects need to be adequately compensated and supported. Ultimately, the objective should be to gradually phase out all the 'old' ways of working and replace them with sustainable ones.


To take any room from bland and empty to warm and inviting, its decor is crucial. There are dozens of ways to help make a home or office cozy and comfortable, but in order to bring your environment to life, plants are the ideal choice.

Your typical household decor pieces are obviously no match to the vitality and elegance of pulsating plant life.

  1. Plants grow as your family or enterprise grows
  2. They boost the magnificence of your space
  3. They clean air, reduce stress, and make your indoor green and comfortable