Shilpi Das

Shilpi is a vibrant personality who believes in the paramount importance of nurturing one’s creative abilities, to keep the child within alive.

Featured in Outlook, November 2021 edition for pursuing an offbeat career of being a Voice Coach, Shilpi perpetuates the pivotal role ‘voice’ plays in the world of oral communication or verbal performance using unique methods and concepts. A mind-blowing voice artist too, she took to becoming a professional Sound Healing Practitioner to further her journey in the domain of voice and sound, as an extension to her voicing skills. She grew up watching her mother reaching out to the needy in her own thoughtful ways to alleviate their sufferings. So philanthropy set in her heart early. She strongly believes in Individual Social Responsibility and asserts altruism truly begins at an individual level, growing collectively to the CSR level.

In 1995, all of just 19, she felt the desire of becoming an adoptive mother. At 34, four years after giving birth to her daughter, she became an adoptive mother to a son, to advocate child adoption as a way to secure the lives of abandoned and unfortunate children. She looks forward to propagating the cause of child adoption and inspire the society to act and contribute to it, by choosing to become adoptive parents. Today she is a proud mother of an 18 year old daughter and a 14 year old son.

Both a biological and an adoptive mother, she is a passionate philanthropist who supports social causes through Charista Foundation, a public charitable trust she co-founded in January 2021 that has interests in lost arts, artists, artisans, aged and works towards a greener planet, at heart. A social short Poonam, her first foray into film-making is a tribute to the elderly showcasing their loneliness – a film that won above 30 national and international awards. To observe the International Day of Older Persons marked by UN, she was instrumental in launching the National Symposium of Elder Psychological Care with Charista Foundation on 1st October 2022 that was held in the Constitution Club of India, New Delhi. The second edition is slated to be held in Bangalore International Centre on 1st October 2024. An internationally certified voice healer, her primary purpose is to use voice and sound therapy not only in providing psychological care to the elderly, but also propagate holistic health in the society through the power of sound. She perpetuates holistic community wellness through ‘Group Sound Meditation’ programs for independent groups as well as corporate events and conducts private ‘Sound Baths’ too.

She is a featured co-author of ‘Women Who Made Name’, an anthology of women writers compiled by Priyanka Behl. On 24th April 2023, her collection of intimate poems were published as a book titled ‘The Intimacy of Thought- A Collection of Musings’. She is currently working on her next independent book.