Ranny Levy

Ranny Levy - Noble Philanthropist

Ranny Levy, the Founder and President of KIDS FIRST! / Coalition for Quality Children’s Media, has been recognized as a Noble Philanthropist for her steadfast commitment to advocating for high-quality media for children for more than three decades since 1991.

Established in 2011, KIDS FIRST! has become a beacon of excellence in media reviews by nationally recognized Film Critics, aged 9 to 20. Special emphasis is placed on empowering girls and those identifying as BIPOC. The journey begins with an immersive boot camp, followed by ongoing coaching from professional educators, writing, and video coaches.

These young minds, inspired by a love for media, transform into critical users—watching, analyzing, and reviewing entertainment geared for a young audience. Their experiences don’t just end with insightful critiques; recent reports from program graduates reveal enhanced technological skills, an appreciation for cinematic arts, improved writing capabilities, and successful careers in journalism or entertainment. In the nurturing environment of KIDS FIRST!, students develop into entertainment journalists, understanding the principles of responsible journalism and open source reporting. Participation is free, thanks to available funding, ensuring a diverse range of voices are heard. As part of the KIDS FIRST! Film Critics team, these young talents attend press screenings, conduct online and live event interviews, and deliver reviews in both written and video formats. The commitment to at least two assignments a month, meeting 48-hour deadlines, showcases the professionalism instilled by experienced writing and video editing coaches with over two decades of industry expertise. Kudos to Ranny Levy and KIDS FIRST! for shaping the next generation of media enthusiasts and journalists, proving that a love for storytelling can transform into a lifelong passion and successful career.